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XomaTech Enterprises was established in 2002 with the goal of offering a full range of professional web design, programming, and implementation services. We are in business to help corporation and invididuals extend their reach beyond their immediate surroundings through the many resources of the internet. We specialize in providing countless creative solutions to help make your business more successful and your life more enjoyable.
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Bernardo Passariello
A graduate of Duke University in North Carolina, Bernardo Passariello established XomaTech Enterprises in 2002 with the goal of providing e-business solutions to companies and government entities of all sizes. During the past fifteen years Mr. Passariello has been involved in over 150 different web, e-commerce and mobile application projects serving clients of all sizes. He specializes in coordinating all the elements needed for a successful project, from planning to graphic design to programming to implementation.
Nelson Lorenzo
Chief Software Engineer
A graduate of Universidad Simón Bolivar in Venezuela, Nelson Lorenzo brings over 25 years of experience in software researching, planning, development and implementation. He's an expert in designing and programming databases along with web-based services, with a keen eye on security. Over his careers, he has worked with banks and large institutions both in Venezuela and in the United States and brings that knowledge and experience to every project at XomaTech.
Maurizio Passariello
Senior Account Executive
Since graduating from Duke University in 1991, Maurizio Passariello has accumulated over 25 years of experience in media production, communications management and advertising. With his extensive experience as a Creative Director employing a wide spectrum of media including digital, video, audio production and copywriting, Maurizio has developed the ability to accurately determine the client’s needs and ensure consistent delivery of top-quality creative work that makes a brand or product stand out from the rest.
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